Lesotho is a high-altitude, landlocked kingdom encircled by South Africa with excess of 1300m above sea-level, it is a land of heights including Thabana Ntlenyana with a peak of 3482m high. Plus Lesotho offers a lot of breath-taking mountain vistas, awesome adventure and fascinating culture. Adventure awaits visitors in the Mountain Kingdom for there are […]

Southern Africa


A small landlocked monarchy of Swaziland in southern Africa is known for its wilderness reserves and festivals showcasing traditional Swazi culture. Marking its northeastern border with Mozambique and stretching down to South Africa, the Lebombo Mountains are a backdrop for Mlawula Nature Reserve’s many hiking trails. Hlane Royal National Park is home to diverse wildlife […]

Southern Africa


Zambia is reputable as one of the safest countries on the continent, and of late has been billed as one of Southern Africa’s up-and-coming holiday destinations. Zambia boasts some of the most unspoilt landscapes in Africa with 19 national parks and 17 waterfalls all over across the country, it’s no surprise it is regarded as […]

Southern Africa


You may have heard the worst about Zimbabwe but it is Africa’s most ‘hidden-gem’ holiday destination. Zimbabwe may have got some pretty bad press over the past few years but ask anyone who visited this country, they will tell you that in spite of the political hardships, Zimbabwean people are extremely friendly, the prices are […]

Southern Africa


Namibia is found in the West Coast of Southern Africa, a land of contrast and diversity. Namibia is 825 615 km² in size and yet the second lowest population density on the globe headed by Botswana. Its Landscape is comprised of vast and often inaccessible desert, often alien-like terrain, and an extraordinary abundance of wildlife. […]

Southern Africa


If you are looking for endless possibilities in Southern Africa then Botswana is your first stop, when it comes to landscape, wildlife and nature. In 2016 Botswana was named by Lonely Planet as the top travel destination, for a good reason. The country boasts a great range of scenery and being home to both desert […]

Southern Africa
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